1. yesterday


  2. river life


  3. heading up to steamboat springs for the weekend to shoot a little fly fishing, relax,…and maybe float down the river in an inner tube with a cooler full of beer attached.


  4. just got done shooting a tourism campaign in wyoming for three days.  had a great time, got to experience a new landscape, and meet some great people - including this guy.


  5. Starting 3 days of shooting in the Wyoming wild west


  6. stopped by civic center eats today in civic park - downtown denver


  7. matthew levi jorgensen at work - more here.


  8. i photographed matthew levi jorgensen last week at his pottery workspace in denver, co.  more photos here


  9. got to spend a few hours with and photograph gregory alan isakov today.  he’s one of my favorite musicians and is an incredibly humble person.  if you haven’t heard his music yet, do so now.  photos coming soon!


  10. So pumped to have kamilbialous take part in my ‘One’ project - in which I’m asking some amazing photographers which image they would choose to show the world if their portfolio consisted of only one.

    Kamil is a huge inspiration to me, and I was lucky enough to chat with him a few weeks back about life and photography.  A great dude for sure!

    Check out his submission here.

    Kamil’s full portfolio.


  11. an amazing night shooting horseback riding and fly-fishing at latigo ranch, co.


  12. phootcamp:

    It’s damn near impossible to decide who comes to Phoot Camp. We look through hundreds of self-portraits and essays, but also dig deeper into applicants’ websites and portfolios. We think about factors like talent, experience, personality, initiative, body of work, and diversity. We look to see if…

    can’t wait!


  13. mags is in charge of uniform services at winter park resort. i stopped by for a quick visit a few weeks back.


  14. jfpetersphoto:

    Hey folks, I’m excited to share a new project I’ve been working on in San Diego called California Winter. For more info please follow the gallery link below and it would be awesome if you could help share it around. Hope your all well!

    California Winter

    heck yea


  15. Phoot Camp 2014!

    I’m beyond PUMPED to have been selected to attend the prestigious Phoot Camp this summer in Joshua Tree National Park!  

    Phoot is an annual, invite-only creative retreat for photographers that takes place each summer in a different location across the country.  The admission process for the 30 or so total spots - less than 10 of which are open for new campers - is super selective, and the list of alumni and current photographers from across the world includes some INCREDIBLY talented people.

    Thanks so much to Laura Brunow Miner and the team at phootcamp for this amazing opportunity!