3. phooters phootin’ at phootcamp


  4. Carla in Joshua Tree at sunrise.  She’s perfect.  Check out her work here and here.


  5. I’ve just returned home from an amazing few days at Phoot Camp in Joshua Tree, CA, and have been struggling to wrap my head around exactly what happened there.

    I was of course excited leading up to Phoot, but honestly wasn’t sure what to expect - especially as I didn’t know anyone else headed out, and a majority of the group have been close for years.

    Since the moment I arrived however, everyone went well beyond their way to welcome the new campers and the weekend quickly escalated into one of the most incredible few days of my life. 

    We stayed up late, woke up early (occasionally), experimented with new styles, acted as both photographer and model, shared stories, danced (some better than others), and laughed A LOT.  It was impossible not to be effected by the overwhelming positivity of every single person there, and in the end I walked away with friends that will stay with me for life.

    It’ll be a bit until I can get my film scanned, but for now here’s an image that sums up Phoot pretty well.  More soon.

    Follow phootcamp to see more work from the rest of this ridiculous (and absurdly photogenic) crew!


  6. watching the light in joshua tree, ca


  7. stephanie, today


  8. more from A Small Print Shop (asmallprintshop).  full gallery here.


  9. me, yesterday.


  10. the good people at A Small Print Shop (asmallprintshop) hired me to come in photograph the people, the process, and everything in-between.  this a great crew of dudes, and their “small” business is growing rapidly thanks to the incredible creativity and attention to detail that goes into everything they produce.  they’ve been printing clothing for a ton of other businesses and bands including The Lumineers, Gregory Alan Isakov, Air Dubai, and more.  

    view the full gallery here.


  11. main st. vol 2


  12. main st.


  13. from a window seat


  14. snaps from the italian coast


  15. more from the pro cycling challenge - even more here.