1. Finishing touches of my fourth season in the Rockies


  2. empire, colorado


  3. empire, co


  4. in the kitchen


  5. empire, co



  7. washington park - denver, co.  more.


  8. washington park - denver, co


  9. adamgolfer:

    Brad Torchia has been asking photographers which image they would choose to represent them if their portfolio only had one picture in it. Then to tell the story behind the image.

    Look at Brad’s awesome site and see write-up here.


    Starting a new project I’m calling One, and adamgolfer has been one of the first photographers to submit his work with this amazing photo. Looking forward to adding more photographers to the project and I think this will be a really inspiring collection of work in the end!


  10. washington park - denver, co


  11. Inspiration from the library of @benjaminras


  12. benjaminrasmussen:

    ByTheOliveTrees.com is live! You can check out the images from the publication, read the interviews and order copies for just the price of S&H.

    amazing project, and keeping it accessible


  13. stopped by a gun show in castle rock, colorado last weekend.  as soon as i pulled out my camera the mood changed and i was instructed to put it away or leave. it’s amazing how these people are so willing to stretch the second amendment and so easily forget about the first. regardless, i snapped a few before heading out.


  14. dog-style


  15. nomadda:

    COOPER KINGS Project launching today on the deidcation to basketball in NYC in the winter- see full series here.  

    So much soul in this project